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pos system machine with Dual screens

pos system machine with Dual screens

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A POS (point of sale) system machine with dual screens is a type of electronic device that is used in retail and other businesses to process sales transactions. It typically includes a touch-screen display, a cash drawer, a barcode scanner, a receipt printer, and a card reader. Dual screens POS systems offer the benefit of having an additional screen, which can be used for various purposes such as displaying customer-facing information, ads, or real-time sales data.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a POS system machine with dual screens:

  • Software compatibility: Look for a POS system that is compatible with the software you currently use, or that can integrate with other systems you may use.

  • Hardware compatibility: Make sure that the POS system machine can connect with other hardware you currently use, such as barcode scanners, card readers, and receipt printers.

  • Scalability: Look for a POS system machine that can accommodate your business's future growth and can be easily upgraded.

  • Security: Ensure that the POS system machine has security features such as encryption and fraud detection, to protect sensitive customer data.

  • Technical support: Look for a POS system machine that comes with reliable technical support, in case you have any issues or concerns.

  • Customer Display: Make sure that the secondary screen is a customer-facing display, this can provide the customer with a view of the transaction details, such as the total amount, item details and can be used to show promotions and ads.

Popular brands that offer POS system machines with dual screens include Clover, Square, TouchBistro, and Shopify. They all offer various features, like ease of use, inventory management, and various payment options. It's important to read reviews, compare features and pricing to find the best option for your business.

Product Description
Product Name
Plastic and Iron
POS System, Cash Register
Standard Export CartonSize: L 38cm* W 32cm* H 18cm Weight: 3.86 kg
RK3288 Quad Core 1.8 GHz 2GB DDR3 32GB EMMC 12.5 inch Full HD 1080P Dispaly Capacitive Touch Screen 7 inch Full HD 1080P Customer
Display Built-in MSR Card Reader Can be folded like a laptop Support both Android and Linux Black Color
Details Images
Support high-speed built-in magnetic stripe card reader. Easily pay credit card manually.
Flexible and easy to folding like laptops. Strong iron bracket folding.
Advance design and high-performance RK3288 processor chip. Supports Android 7.1 or above.
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