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slimming machine

slimming machine

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Type:: ultrasound cavitation

Type: ultrasound cavitation

Standard Voltage: 240V

Standard Voltage: 110V

Size: ultrasound cavitation

Power Source: UK

Power Source: electric

Power Source: US

Power Source: AU

Power Source: EU

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: laser Slimming machine

Model Number: ultrasound cavitation

Material: Model Number: laser Slimming machine

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Item Type: Weight Loss Creams

Function2: Ultrasonic Liposuction Machine

Function: Lifting

Function: skin activity,Enhance lymphatic, RF slimming

Function: Anti Wrinkle

Brand Name: missheart


Duty-free countries: United States, Russia, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland, France (if not above Country please kindly contact customer service, thank you!)

Package Including:
Multipolar RF Head for Body x 1
40KHz Cavitation Head x 1
Vacuum Biploar RF Head x1
Three polar RF Head for Faceand eyes' around x 1
Quadrupole RF Head for Face and Bodx1
Power cord x 1
Positioning plate: x8
Product weight: 8.7kg
Product size: 22x25x30cm
Packing size: 40x32x35cm
Voltage: 110V 220V 50-60HZ
1.Systemic or local died;
2.Increase the body's metabolic rate, strengthen the body get rid of waste and moisture;
3.Repair stretch marks;
4.Relax muscles, relieve muscle spasms, relieve muscle pain;
5.Hand tighten the wall, feet, thighs, hips, waist back, abdominal muscles, re-shaping type;
f.Effectively improve the buttocks and things orange peel-like skin, while solving postpartum abdomen Relaxed problem.

1.First clean the skin, then use a special gel or slimming essential oils;
2.Take off all metal ornament when use the machine;
3.Avoid staying too long in one place. Avoid using on bones;
4.after use the machine continuously for 1 hour, please let the machine
rest for about 10 ~15 minutes;
5.There will be some guests appear tinnitus when using the burst fat probe, this phenomenon is a normal.
6.Do not use disinfection products to clean probes, it is recommended to use a wet towel or cotton;
Notice : This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Painless treatment focus RF energy at the correct position,compared to other radio frequency technology .it uses low energy and high frequency,safe and effective.
Aim at the skin surface and deep location,using a complex method to control the different currents and energy,direct access to the different skin layer. Does not cause the phenomenon of uneven skin.
Selectively targeting fatty tissue,to avoid heating other fat,to achieve the fastest treatment effect
The entire process is completed without the need of surgery and anesthesia.
With the most useful 40KHZ ultrasonic cavitation system.
Without side effects and the risk of gaining the weight back, the results are rather obvious. Does not affect the normal work and life.
Color touch screen.
Functions :
Firming the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, abdominal muscles and reshape the body figure
*Improve and treat the orange peel like fatty tissues of different serious levels
*With the effects of soothing, decompression and pain relief (such as joint pain, sciatica),promote the regular mechanical aerobic exercise of skin tissue, rapidly relieve stress and remove fatigue.
*Firming, lifting and compact the skin and mould the face shape circulate and activate cells, promote metabolism and so that more collagen and elastic fibers may be gained for improving the facial and body skin
Operation procedures:
40Khz Ultrasonic handle-Strong sound wave explosion fat head
Press "TIME SET" to adjust the time,clicking "-" to decrease the strength or click "+" to increase it. Press "PAUSE" to start the strong sound wave explosion fat head

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