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wholesale 90% new unlocked 4G cell phones 100% tested for samsung s10 plus mobile phones

wholesale 90% new unlocked 4G cell phones 100% tested for samsung s10 plus mobile phones

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wholesale 90% new unlocked used  4G cell phones 100% tested for samsung s10 plus mobile phones

Pls consult customer service for more models and prices.

Product Description


Phone Model 
For Samsung s8/s8 plus/9/s9 plus/s10/ s10plus
Blue, purple, black
Product Grades
AA-Grade , Used B-Grade , Used C-Grade



Product Grades

The Grade refers to the appearance of the product .All our products are in perfect working condition.
The conditon or the grade of the phone is described as follows


1. is it Unlocked ?
Yes ,it is unlocked works worldwide .
2. is it Original ?
Yes ,it is original .used 95% new
3. is it New Phone?
No, it is Used Phone ,Second hand phone
4. is it with Boxes and accessories ?
No, Boxes and accessories are not included .Contact me for the cost . the Battery Life is 100% ?
As the phone is USED , the capacity of Battery may be less than 100%) we can replace a new original battery , Contact me for the cost .
6.How to order
Pay on Alibaba We will send you a payment request, you can pay by TT credit card, which is the same as PAYPAL


Quality Control
-Key Function Test
* Power On: Device start* Activation: Successfully activated the device
* LCD: Color display is normal
* Touch Screen is sliding/touching OK
* Unlocked or not: No ID lock
* Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Connection successful
* Appearance: The appearance is normal
* SIM Lock: SIM supported
* Call: Make a call and answer
* Data Erase: Check is there any data inside the device

_20210111141939.jpg_20210111142011.jpg38 test.jpg (2).JPG


-What Are The Quality For Your Products?
1.Our phones are genuine, original, not Android fake.
2.Our used phone are all original,never been repaired,they are Grade AAA like new products,all product has been teted making sure all key function is working well.All products have been verified according to our inspection standards.
Un-Locked phones:
1. insert the sim card to use directly     2.can register your own login ID
3. upgradeable system: 6/6P:12.49    6S/6SP:14.3 (not more than this) 
-About Accessories
1.Used phone sell the device only, No original box and accessories included.
2.Add $5 if you need compatible accessories and box.
3.Accessories and box are new but not original.
-Do You Have Warranty?
we supply 6month warranty for the product, all goods have been checked and teated making sure all key function are working well before shipment .
So,they are ready to use and sell. We offer 7 days to check the products for defect and testing after received.
-What is The Battery Condition?
Normally the battery performance for used phone product would be above 80% or more depends on model,for newer model would have better battery performance.
-About Customs Clearance
We could offer the commercial invoice and help you to do the clearance,But you need to do the clearance according the local custom policies.

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