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TWS Lenovo Earbuds Original Lenovo QT81 Headphone Lenovo Earphones with Led Mini 5.0 audifonos

TWS Lenovo Earbuds Original Lenovo QT81 Headphone Lenovo Earphones with Led Mini 5.0 audifonos

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TWS Lenovo Earbuds Original Lenovo QT81 Headphone Lenovo Earphones with Led Mini 5.0 audifonos

1. 5.0 chip, faster and more stable connection, no delay
2. CVC8.0 noise reduction, professional tuning, stereo effect
3. Fingerprint touch control, simple operation, support binaural high-definition call, music and other functions
4. Support master-slave switching
5. Use with the charging box, long-lasting battery life; the charging box has the function of a power bank
6. The middle LED digital display shows the power of the charging box, and the left and right LED digital displays respectively display the battery power of the left and right earphones.
7. IPX4 waterproof

Product parameters:
1. version: 5.0
2. Wireless propagation distance: about 10m
3. Drive unit size: 10mm
4. Headphone battery capacity: 40mAh
5. Charging box battery capacity: 1200mAh
6. Music time: about 4 hours
7. Standby time: about 120 hours
8. Charging time: about 1 hour

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.16kgs / 0.36lb
Qty per Carton 50
Carton Weight 7.75kgs / 17.09lb
Carton Size 47cm * 31cm * 29cm / 18.5inch * 12.2inch * 11.42inch
Loading Container 20GP: 631 cartons * 50 pcs = 31550 pcs
40HQ: 1465 cartons * 50 pcs = 73250 pcs

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