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power bank 220V

power bank 220V

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Model: AP-SS-002
Category: Lighting/Power Hybrid
Output current: depending on the product used (A)
Input voltage: 220 (V)
Output voltage: 220 (V)
Output power: 100-1745W (W)
Frequency range: 50 (HZ)
Product certification: ce
Scope of application: applicable to 220V electrical products
Dimensions: 170*200*50 (mm)
Power supply time: depending on the product used (m)
Specifications: Chinese standard 220V 100W 41600mAh, European standard 220V 100W 41600mAh, British standard 220V 100W 41600mAh, American standard 110V 100W 41600mAh
Capacity: 41600mAh
Additional function: WIFI
Battery type: cylindrical aluminum shell

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Mobile Power x1

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