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posture corrector

posture corrector

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Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number:: Posture Corrector

Model Number: D-B-D

Material:: Composite material

Material: Composite Material

Item Type:: Harness & Supports

Item Type: Braces & Supports

Effect: Bone Care

Color:: Black & White & Nude


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Provide a strong and soft base to prevent you from slipping off. This breathable fabric has a lightweight design and durable seams that provide extra-long comfort and support. Whether you are sitting and working in the office for a few hours, or standing still and working in a factory, this tool is suitable for any daily work.

Undetectable equipment
Clothes that are completely imperceptible. Wear it carefully and enjoy your new look. It is an amazing costume that can enhance your personality while maintaining an unknown reality.

It is a universal unisex solution that best corrects bad posture and improves appearance.

Easy to take care of
Easy to use, clean and longer life design.

Order now with confidence!

Just like our entire product line, real doctor support! It is made of a soft and flexible neoprene blend and is lined with cotton. It is comfortable to wear and can be concealed under the clothes. Hand wash.


*If you receive any smell from the product, please don't worry, it is non-toxic, you can wash it and hang the balcorya for a week, the smell will slowly disappear.

* Please wear it outside your clothes to prevent skin injury.

* If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible instead of leaving negative feedback. Thank you for your understanding!

* The working principle of the back stabilization belt is to train the muscles and the spine to restore natural alignment.

* Helps to improve back and shoulder posture, allowing you to stand straighter and more confident.

* Relieve middle and upper back pain. Prevent the progressive curvature of the spine and change the bad habits of kyphosis.

* Injuries to the chest, upper lumbar spine and clavicle and rehabilitation after surgery

Product specifications:
Color: black, white, beige


Material: Neoprene, stretch fabric

Function: Lower back posture corrector

Packing details:
1 * strap
Easy to wear, unisex

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