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2.4G Wireless Lavalier Microphone

2.4G Wireless Lavalier Microphone

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1:360° Omnidirectional Sound Reception
Professional 2.4G wireless microphone chip with professional full band audio 44.1~48kHz stereo CD quality, Real-Time Auto-Sync
Technology.Fast Working, Radio Well Regardless of Surrounded Environment, Recording Every Details.
2:Plug and Play, Automatic Pairing
The Wireless Lavalier Microphone will atutomatically connect, Just plug the receiver into the devices (Lightning port,TYPE-C port)
, and Turn on the Transmitter, you can start your vedio recording or live streaming.
3:Portable and Durable
20M/65FT Working Distance without obstacle; Small Compact Size Help Easily Clip to Your shirt, Tie or Pocket.Hands-Free, Perfect for Filmmakers, Vloggers, Mobile Journalists, Content Creators, etc.
4:Free Your Hands, easy to carry
With mini size clip, you can easily clip the wireless lavalier microphone to your collar or pocket, free your hands.Say bye-bye to messy and annoying cables and enjoy your live streaming and recording! Enjoy your recording with high freedom!

1:Lightning port wireless lavalier microphone can work with iPhone 5/6/7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro
Max.12/12 Pro,and iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air series, iPad Pro series(NOTE: the latest version of 12.9 inch and 11 inch iPad Pro with
type-c port not supported).
2:Type-C port wireless lavalier microphone can work with HUAWEI/ oppo / vivo / iqoo / realm brand mobile phones can be used
normally only when they go to the settings (search "OTG" - turn on OTG power supply).Most of the Android systems on the market are
supported. The phones with OTG function enabled by default can be used directly, plug and play.
How to Use the Lapel Microphone for phone:
1. Connect the Type-C receiver(or Lightning receiver)to phone with Type-C port(or Lightning port). The blue light on receiving flashes.
2. Press switch key of microphone, the indicator light turns blue, and then power is turned on.
3. The blue indicator light of receiver and the blue indicator light of microphone always keeps on, then you can use the microphone to receive sound by opening phone camera, live App or other Apps.

Microphone transmitter function operation and indicator light:
1) Turn on: Press the power button for 1 second, the white and blue lights flash alternately.
2) Shut down: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, the white light flashes three times and then the light goes out, and the charging will automatically shut down.
3) Successfully connected with the receiving end: Automatic pairing, the blue light is always on.
4) Disconnect from the receiving end: The white and blue lights flash alternately.
5) Charging: The white light is on for a long time, and the light is off when it is full.
6) Enter the noise reduction mode: Click the button, the blue light breathes on.
Three-click button: White light breathing bright (while in noise reduction and KTV mode, blue light and white light alternate breathing)
7) Pause recording: Double-click to pause recording, the blue light flashes twice every 2S, when the recording is paused, resume recording, double-click to resume recording, the blue light is always on.
8) Low power state: The battery power starts at 3.3V and the light flashes at low power. When the battery power is below 3.2V, it will automatically shut down.Low battery status, flashing twice every 5 seconds.
9) In the unpaired connection state, it will automatically shut down in 3 minutes.
Lightning port or TYPE-C port function operation and indicator lights:
1)Power on: Blue light flashes
2)Shut down: Light off
3)Successfully connected to the transmitter: The blue light is on.
4)Disconnected from the transmitter: The blue light flashes.
Professional 2.4G wireless microphone chip
Microphone sensitivity: 
Normal mode recording sampling rate: 
Noise reduction mode recording sampling rate: 
Maximum transmit power: 
Karaoke Microphone, INTERVIEW, Smart Phones, Recording, SINGING, Portable Audio Player
Indoor barrier-free straight-line distance: 
15-20 meters
Outdoor barrier-free straight-line distance:
about 10 meters
Noise Cancelling, With Sound Card
Polar Pattern
Dynamic Microphone
Various working current parameters of the transmitting terminal (TX):Battery capacity:
65MAH (specification: 1254)
Power consumption without booting: 
Power on and not paired with the receiver power consumption: 
Power on successfully paired with the receiving end Power consumption:
Power consumption when entering silent mode: 
Charging current:
Charging time: 
1.5 hours
Working time: 
6 hours
Various operating current parameters of the transmitter (RX):
Power consumption when plugged into the mobile phone: 16ma
Charging cable: 
Product net weight: 
Product Size:
Receiver Size: 4.5*15.7*0.7cm
Microphone Size: 6.5*1.57*1.1cm
Package weight: 71g
Packing size 14.6*8.2*3.2cm
Package List:
1 * Microphone transmitter
1* Type-C Receiver (or Lightning Receiver)
1* English Manual
1 * Color Packaging
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