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Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboard

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Product Description
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Gaming Keyboard and Mouse combo
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GT700 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set
Keyboard Size:475*220*36mm
Mouse Size:132*77*38mm
Breathing Rainbow LED light Fantastic
Mouse DPI:1200/1800/2400/3200 freely Adjustable

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Spill Resistant Design
Keyboard designed with hole at back of keyboard for spill resistant
You can use the keyboard anyplace
PUBG Keycap also Available
We have Common Keycap with English Letter and also have specially designed PUBG Game Keycap for gamer
Phone Holder and lighter holder 
This design greatly offer convenience
for gamer to put their cellphone and smoker to put their lighter 
Product Usage

Comfortable big Palm Rest greatly relax user's wrist  
Ergonomically designed Mouse fit your hand very well. 

Multi Light effect can be controlled by FN Keys
Rainbow Color LED offer fantastic light view no matter in day and night
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