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Factory Direct Wholesale Valentine's Day Glass Cover Three 3 Forever Eternal Preserved Rose In Glass Dome for Valentine Day

Factory Direct Wholesale Valentine's Day Glass Cover Three 3 Forever Eternal Preserved Rose In Glass Dome for Valentine Day

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Product Description

preserved rose flower is produce by real and natual cut fresh flower, The most natural method preservation of flower is freeze-drying, cell replacement dyeing technique. By this special treatment, it's possible to keep the product in the original shape, cell structure and color,That's why a long lasting life is possible. Freeze-drying is the most natural saving method.

Freeze-drying is a technique that withdraws liquid from the flower. This is a complicated process what demands craftsmanship. This all happens in a special machine. Before the process begins the flower are being cut under the head and put in the machine with two rooms. In there the rose will be frozen till -40 degrees. By the work of a vacuum pump begins the drying process. The condensation room (-50 degrees) is colder than the model room. Under a deep vacuum comes steam out of the rose and this is going to be replaced by ice crystal. Those ice crystals make a level of ice in the condensation room. The ice will be removed by defrosting. After this process the austin are ready. The whole process takes 14 days.

Our preserved rose flower are using natural food colorants, non health or environmental risky procedures, without pollution to the human healthy and environment.


Never Fade Flowers 

Never withered roses

Never lonely love

Eternal Love

Keep the fresh of the love forever

Care: Preserved flowers are very sensitive and must be handled with care

Preserved rose flower Language:

Red Preserved Roses Flower:  I love you, be passionately in love, hope to fall in love with you.
White Preserved Roses Flower: purity, humanity, respect, our love is pure.

Red & White Roses Flower: owned by all.
Pink Preserved Roses: kindness, elegance with decency, love your smiles.

Yellow preserved Roses: happy and joy, apologize, enjoy to be with you.

Red and yellow Roses: happy.
Preserved Roses bud: beauty and youth.
Black preserved Roses: noble, you are my goddess.

Blue preserved Roses: kindness and sincere.

Purple preserved Roses: hesitate and dream.

Orange preserved Roses:desire; shy and give you a share of mysterious love.

Light green preserved Roses: always young, I only love you

Product Type:
Giant Preserved single Rose in glass jar
Cut Fresh Rose Flower
8-9cm rose bud   3 rose in glass dome 15*30  8case/carton
Green environmental protection
fresh and natural, colorful, vivid, Big flower bud bloom,highly application.
wedding, Festival/Party/Home decoration,lady's gift.
Red, Pink, black,white, fuchsia,blue, etc. over 24 color can be choosed
Saving time:
Has been preservation ,can be kept around 3-5 years .
for the rose bud, it's can be round shape or heart shape, it's up to the customers request
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Company Profile

Kunming RainBow Trading Co., Ltd is Located in the Dounan Dist Kunming City Yunnan Province China. it owns more than 1500 acres Manor Planting bases. Dounan is the one of the biggest plant bases in the world. we are professional manufacturer and exporter for the fresh cut flowers, fillers, Foliage, Preserved Fresh Flowers, Preserved Flowers directly from planting base with top quality and low price, fast delivery.

Our products have been exported all over the world, such as Italy, America, Japan, Australia, South-Korea, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Bengal and got good reputation from our customers.

Kunming RainBow Trading Co., Ltd has been in export floral more than 15years. We are focuse on the quality strict control from product cultivation, collection, packing, quality inspection to shipment, adhere to offer the best to the customer.

Exhibition trade show

Exhibition room & goods in shelf to display

Packing & Delivery


package in inner box, protect flower not damaged in transit 


package in carton

Loading and delivery

shipping out as package


 Q:Is this the real rose flower ?
A:Yes, the preserved fresh rose is made by the real natural fresh rose,looks like fresh rose , real and natural .

Q:Can we order some samples before placing the preserved fresh roses order ?
A:Yes , of course . We can accept the sample orders , but you must pay the shipping cost by yourself.

Q:Do you have stocks , if not , how long will it take to produce ?
A:Yes , normally we have stocks, and can be shipout within 3 working days.
If not enough stocks, we can produce the new preserved fresh roses for you , according to your order , can be within 7 working days.

Q:What is the freight cost ?
A:Normally , we are ship by expresses , EMS, FedEx, UPS, DHL .
Please tell us which sizes and how many quantities you need ,and your county , we can calculate the freight cost for you . For more quantity , the average cost for each rose is less .

Q:How long is the delivery time?
A:Normally you can received your package within 7-10 days after shipout, it may depends on how far away we are. 

Q: How long would the preserved roses stay?
A: Normally, the preserved flowers can stay 3-5 years.

Q: How do you control the quality for us ?
A: Firstly , every preserved fresh roses we shipped is the grade A rose .
Secondly , we will check every boxes preserved fresh roses one by one and then pack .This is the company shipping rule ,and we have the clear instruction for the checking.
Thirdly,we offer the after sale service for you ,if there is any preserved fresh roses without good condition , then we will take the responsibilities for that , and the one who send you the preserve fresh roses , need to take this responsibility .

Q:How can we order ?
A: There is 2 ways for you to order.
Way 1: Order directly from our alibaba web page , need to tell us the colors ,sizes,and quantities you want ; consignee’s contact details .
Way2: Contact us directly , after you confirm the colors , sizes,and quantities , we will send you the invoice for you to transfer the payment .
All this two ways , can pay by credit card , visa, bank transference ; way 2 can accept the Western Union and PayPal transference.

Maintenance Methods & TIPS.

Tips of keep preserved flower
1. Avoid water, steam, water mist and direct sunlight.
2. Avoid placing it in strong air vents.
3. Don’t putting in the places where is too wet or too dry,Place it in shady room is more appropriate
4. Don’t pull or squeeze flower, and avoid touch with hand frequently.
5. You can brushing away the dust on the preserved flowers with soft dry brush, or using a hair dryer with cool breeze.

6. Improper handling may cause Fading, translucence, crack or other similar damage.

Our service & Advantage

We would offer you a series of excellent services.

Basis Services :

1. 24 hours online & Quick response.
2. Vary flowers for you to choose from.
3. Short production lead time and delivery.

4. Quality inspection.

Customized Services :

1. We have Product Development Team to develop the new products to meet your need.
2. We have Design Development Team to develop the new designs, customized designs are welcome.
3. For the packing and loading, we also accept customized requirement.

After-sale Services :
When you received your package, if any quality problems, pls contact us freely. We will deal with them for you in time, and have a discuss about it to make you satisfied.

Return Policy(In the case of can not adopted by consensus):
1. Only damaged product will be offered exchange. If product damaged, please notify us within 3 days after you received the packages, otherwise we may can not processing your problems immediately and effectively.
2. All items must be returned within 30 days from the date you placed the order. Meanwhile please keep the goods in their original packaging material and box (outside & inside) and accessories for inspection and replacement.
4. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

Customer Voice & Feedback:
Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important to us, it is fine if you have any advise can be share with us, and It’s our great honor to hear from you. It will promote our working passion and give you better service.

We sincerely look forward to meeting customers with whom we can share the joy, beauty, and richness of flowers.

For more details and pictures, please free to contact me , Always 16 working hours , you can contact us any time as you want , we will reply to you no longer then 8 hours .

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