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espresso coffee tool

espresso coffee tool

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Stainless steel wooden handle 54mm 58mm espresso coffee tool 51 mm bottomless portafilter



Stainless steel 18/8  rust free, 0% lead contained,satisfies food safe requirment.Luxurious santos rose wood handlw with natural texture,brings you a pleasure coffee extracting experience.


portafilter 51mm 1.jpg


portafilter 073.jpg


Naked bottomless and minimalism design, mirror-effected polishing  for stainless steel 18/8,super smooth touch. High precision filter basket, guarantees rich and smooth espresso extraction.

portafilter 51mm 2.jpg


coffee portafilter


Detachable wood handle,experiencing different styles by mixing and matching,rosewood handle,red sandalwood handle, beechwood handle,walnut wood handle,santos rosewood handle are all available, performing extrordinary nobleness and luxury.

coffee portafilter



This bottomless portafilter perfectly matches 54mm coffee machines,aloso 51mm  58mm all available .


The advantage of naked bottomless portafilter.


1,bottomless portafilters usually result in more crema.

2,By using a naked bottomless portafilter,it is a great way for baristas to refine their technique.   

3,It is a visible way to illustrate tamping mistakes,because ideally the espresso should start dripping from the outside 

   edges and form a stream going down to middle.


coffee portafilter


More naked bottomless portafilters are availbe with 51mm,54mm, 58mm.

portafilter 51mm 2orportafilter 51mm all

portafilter 51mm 2.jpgportafilter 54mm.jpgTea filter.jpg 


Perfect matched tampers


TP001.jpg    TP002.jpgTP003.jpg    TP004.jpg


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