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Aluminium Alloy80-120KG Hydraulic Door Closer

Aluminium Alloy80-120KG Hydraulic Door Closer

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Hydraulic Door Closer 80-120KG

Model No.: DL-120



The door closer is only suitable for one-way casement doors and is generally not used for frameless glass doors.



Silver gray



Installation hole distance


Door width


Closing speed

100°~180° adjustable

Blocking speed

0°~15° adjustable

Ambient temperature


Scope of application

Shopping mall entrance doors, apartment doors, security doors, hotel suites, family doors, etc.


Before the door closer is installed, the central axis of the door closer cannot be rotated 180°, otherwise it will damage the door closer and cause it to be unusable.


Door Closer (1).jpgDoor Closer (2).jpgDoor Closer (3).jpgDoor Closer (4).jpgDoor Closer (5).jpgsize.jpg


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