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20KG-45KG Aluminium Door Closer

20KG-45KG Aluminium Door Closer

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20KG-45KG Aluminium Door Closer

Model No.: DL-45


Aluminum alloy

Door Weight


Door Width



Electrostatic paint

Speed adjustment

Two stages of adjustable speed


-40°C~80°C, -60°C~80°C


90° hold-open and Automatic (Factory default is Automatic)


300000 times; 500000 times




The door closer is only suitable for one-way casement doors and is generally not used for frameless glass doors.


A. Economic type door closer of residential and commercial

B. Performance standard: QB/T 2698-2013

C. Two speed control valve,adjusting closing speed and latching speed

D. ADC12 environmental production of aluminum alloy casting body

Product Details:

1. Cycle test: up to 500,000 cycles

2. Hydraulic oil: low-temperature resistance to -45℃

3. Rocker arm: made of good quality carbon steel material, not easily deformed or broken 

4. Surface: double painted with anti-corrosion material, 96 hours corrosion resistance

5. Power Size EN4/5

6. Positioning Function Optional

7. Back-check function Optional

8. Manufactured under strict observation of EN1154 standard

9. Precise sealed, preventing oil leakage

10. High quality die-casting aluminum alloy, protected with two-layer bright paint.

11. Two hydraulic press valves controlling two stage doors closing automatically.

12. It can be installed on the door plate or installed on the doorframe.


Polybag inside, carton box outside, each carton is less than 25kg. (Or according to the customer request)

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