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Agriculture Drone

Agriculture Drone

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Model Number
2019 joyance best selling 15 20 liters uav sprayer / agricultural spraying drone for sale
Product Parameter
Technical parameter
Pesticide load
10 Liters
16 Liters
30 liters
20 liters
Self weight
10.5 KG
18 KG
27.5 kg
18.5 kg
Take-off weight
22 KG
40 KG
67 kg
44 kg
Fly time
10-15 Min
10-15 Min
10~15 min
10~15 min
Spraying efficiency
5-6 Hectares/hour
8-10 Hectares/hour
12~15 Hectares/hour
9~11 hectares/hour
Spray width
4-6 M
6-7 M
8~10 m
7~8 m
Spray speed
0~8 M/S
0~8 M/S
0~10 m/s
0~10 m/s
2 centrifugal nozzles
8 high pressure nozzles
12 high pressure nozzles
4 centrifugal nozzles
2 pcs 6S 17000 mAh
1 pc 14S 20000 mAh
1 pc 14S 28000 mAh
2 pcs 6S 23000 mAh
Flying radius
1000 M
1000 M
1000 m
1000 m
Spray flow
1~1.5 L/Min
2~2.5 L/Min
3.5~4 L/min
2.5~ 3 L/min
Flying height
0~30 M
0~30 M
0~30 m
0~30 m
Work temperature
–10~70 ℃
–10~70 ℃
–10~70 ℃
–10~70 ℃
Work humidity conditions
Wind resistance
10 m/s
10 m/s
10 m/s
10 m/s
Spread size (m)
W1.3 * L1.3 * H0.45
W1.5 *L1.5 * H0.7
2.1*1.85 * 0.8 m
1.95 *1.95 * 0.57 m
Folded size (m)
W0.6 * L0.6 * H0.51
W0.85 * L0.85 *H0.7
1.2 * 0.9 *0.8 m
0.7 * 0.7 *0.8 m
Aluminum box size / weight
73*67*65 cm / 50 kgs
98*92*75 cm / 70kgs
154*105*94cm / 80 kgs
75*85*95 cm / 80 kgs
Packing and Delivery
20 Liters drone kit
JT20L-606 *1
Spraying system
20L 2 in 1 tank *1
Water Pump *1
Electrostatic centrifugal nozzles *4
Power system (FOC)
Motor+ESC+Motor Base *6
Carbon fiber foldable propeller *6
6S, 23000mAh Battery *2
1200W, 8-way, charger *1
Full charge 2 batteries in 40 minutes
Intelligent Spraying
DCU + Flowmeter
Remote controller
With integrated radio telemetry, 1.5km distance, 12 hours work time/day
Maintenance tools, replacement spare parts
Package Case
Aluminum transport case, protect drone and the parts
Warm Tips:
Extra batteries + extra charger = more than 12 hours continuous spraying per day
Fast Delivery: 2-3 working days for small order, 5-15 days for bulk order
Shipment: by sea/air/courier
Package: professional packing with aluminum packing case, protect the goods well in transportation.
The drones are 100% tested before delivery, ready to fly!
Products Description
Drone Applications
JOYANCE drones have been widely used for crop protection, mosquito control, and public disinfection.
Plantations: rice, corn, sugar cane, soybean, flower, coffee, vegetables, fruit trees.
Chemical use: liquid pesticide, herbicide, foliar fertilizer, fungicide, insecticides, etc.
Sprayer Drone adopts low volume technology, the pesticide droplet diameter is only 50~200um, has better atomization and penetration effect, save 90% water and 20% pesticides use.
High Efficiency: One drone can cover 50~70 hectares field per day.
Compared with plane, tractor and hand-held sprayers, drone sprayer is more efficient, reduce water & pesticides use, has less drift, keeps people away from heat-stroke and chemical poisoning.
Joyance Tech provides OEM/ODM services for agriculture drones.
Product Feature
Operation mode : manual mode, AB point mode, autonomous flying mode
Functions :
One key return and land
Break point memory
Night operation
Obstacles avoidance
Terrain following
FPV camera
U turn
Solid seeds and fertilizers spreading tank
APP functions :
Data cloud storage
Online upgrade
Fault detection
Battery date monitoring
Flow meter dynamic calibration
real time FPV monitoring
Sprayer & Spreader 2 in 1 drone
Joyance agriculture sprayer drone with granule spreader can spread solid fertilizers, granule fertilizer, seeds, sows, feed and so on. Besides it can be switched spraying system and spreading system by one-key. Also Sprayer & Spreader 2 in 1 drone = save lots of cost
4 pcs Centrifugal Nozzles
Centrifugal nozzles has a better atomization and penetration effect . ● 50-200 um droplet diameter ● Spray degree: 170 ● Not easy
to block. ● More suitable for spraying in orchards, crops, vegetables, rice, corn, etc.
Why Choose Us

Shandong Joyance Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd.

● Leading & professional sprayer drone solution provider ● 9 years of R&D experience & teams ● 200 units per month output ● Shortest delivery time ≤3 working days, sufficient spare parts in stock ● Real users in 73 countries & regions ● Overseas technical support Agricultural Spraying Drone, Fogger Drone, Spreading Drone ● Lifetime online after-sale service ● CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO 9001 certification ● Top quality & Competitive price & Your reliable partner ● Looking forward to dealers or agents all over the world


CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO 9001, 12 Patents.


JOYANCE drones have been sold to 65 countries and regions, such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador,Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, German, UK, etc.
Customers Comment
Alberto Delgado, Costa Rica (2017~2020)
Hello, this is Alberto Delgado from Costa Rica. We have been using this technology for two years with very good results, we went from applying 56 liters per hectare of the product with aircraft to applying 15 liters per hectare with drones. Having an efficiency of 96% with wind and at noon which is a very strong conditions. We have had a 20% reduction in product, whether chemical, biological or organic, with outstanding results and helping us with costs as well.
Handi (2017~2020)
We are general agent for JOYANCE Drone in the Middle East, we have been working with this company since 2017, and we are confident that JOYANCE has the best drones and good support to maintain their drones.
So far we have purchased more than 60 drones, and we are happy because every
drone works properly without any problem,
and JOYANCE drone is the best in all over the world.
Q1. Are you factory or trading company?
A6: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of agricultural spraying drones: sprayer drone, spreader drone, fogger drone, and biological control drone.

Q2. What's your MOQ of agricultural drone?
A2: MOQ ≥1. More than 100 units order is available. Besides, we are looking for dealers and agents all over the word. Welcome to contact us for more.

Q3. What's the delivery time of sprayer drone?
A3: 2-3 days for trial order, 7-15 days for mass order.

Q4. What's your payment term?
A4: 50% deposit, balance before delivery. We accept T/T, credit card, paypal and western union, etc. payment methods.

Q5. What about the warranty of the aircraft?
A5: 3 years warranty for drone frame (3~12 months for spare parts).
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