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AMD A300 AM4 motherboard itx Support R7 4750G/ R5 4650G/R3 4350G for all in one computer

AMD A300 AM4 motherboard itx Support R7 4750G/ R5 4650G/R3 4350G for all in one computer

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Product Description
Supports AMD AM4 platform Bristol/Raven series processors (65W)
Using AMD A300 chipse
CPU support
Support AM4 4th generation or below cpu such as R7 4750G/ R5 4650G/R3 4350G/ Ryzen 5 3400G/3 3200G/5 2400G/3 2200G/3 2200GE,Athlon
200GE/3000g A6-9500,A8 9600,A10,9700,A12 9800 etc…
2 onboard DDR4 SO-DIMM slots-Memory capacity can be expanded up to 32GB(The default memory is the notebook DDR4 2400 frequency, RYZEN second and third generation are compatible with DDR4 2666
Backplane interface
 1 x DCIN power adapter interface (19V);1 x HDMI display interface (support 4K resolution); 1 x RJ45network interface (for details, please refer to the actual product);4 x USB interface (4 USB3.0 interfaces) ) (Please refer to the actual product for details); 2 x audio interface (F_OUT/F_MIC);1 x COM interface
Built-in interface
1 x CLR_COMS pin;1 x INVERTER pin;1 x F_AUDIO pin;1 x HDD_PWR pin;1 x SPEAKERS pin;1 x LVDS_CON pin;1 x LCD_VOL_SEL pin;3 x fan pin;1 x FPANEL pin;2 x SATA 3.0 connector;2 x 10PIN FUSB pin;1 x JDCIN pin;1 x BKL_VOL_SEL pin;1 x BKL_SEL pin
Integrated sound card
Onboard 6-channel HD Audio Codec-Provide front audio interface, microphone interface
Microphone interface
Integrated network card-onboard 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive network card interface
Expansion slot
1 x M.2 KEY-E slot-1 x M.2 KEY-M slot
Motherboard size
170mm * 170mm
Working environment
Minus 10~50°C-Working humidity: 5%~95% without frost
Operating system
26*21*10 CM

Must read before buying:

There is no technical experience to install A300 ITX motherboard, we can install it for free. Shipment of the main board will light up the detection, and the quality problem caused by personal installation will bear the maintenance cost. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at any time.

Official standard configuration: motherboard X1, narrow bezel X1, hard disk cable X1, electronic version of the manual The motherboard is equipped with a half-height baffle by default, if you need full height, please contact customer service for free replacement Support 1 piece of delivery, 20 pieces in a box, large quantity and good price, also equipped with narrow bezel, hard disk cable, etc. Motherboard memory: The default memory is notebook DDR4 2400 frequency, Ruilong second and third generation are compatible with DDR4 2666 frequency Motherboard hard drive: sataIII interface X1, M.2 interface X1 (default compatible with sata, the second and third generation RYZEN is compatible with NVME) WIFI network card: M.2 wireless network card 2230 module (need to be equipped separately) Heat dissipation scheme: AM4 is a 115X heat dissipation scheme, it is recommended to choose X7 widened copper core radiator After-sales service: 30 days quality problem replacement, 3 years warranty.

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