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We are launching the Customized Pillow product



Full support, head tilted back, gently rely on, maintain the cervical spine, natural curvature, soft fit, extreme care, comfortable travel, refuse fatigue.
With pillow core, the pillow core material is slow rebound memory cotton material, with invisible zipper, removable.
Perfect for taking a plane, train, bus, reading in bed, sofa, camper or beach and other uses.

Product Details

  • Made of polyester material, filled with memory foam, high resilience, soft and comfortable
  • High-quality printing, clear and bright patterns, washable without fading
  • With hidden zipper, easy to remove, pillow case is washable
  • The design is ergonomic. Designed for ultimate comfort and versatility
  • Great for relieving neck pain, muscle pain, stiff neck, headache, stress, nervousness and other sleep problems

Design & Care Tips

  • Please upload high-definition pictures to ensure product effect
  • Pillow core is not washable, pillowcase is washable, do not bleach

Size Guide

  • Length:30cm=11.81in 
  • Width: 29cm=11.41in
  • Height: 10cm=3.94in
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