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We are launching the abdominal muscle training product

abdominal muscle training
For a healthy life, introduce fitness activities.

home fitness
Product Information:

abdominal heat patch

You can use this product in a fitness gym.

Product name: Abdominal muscle fitness belt
Material: ABS + PU
Product principle: EMS low frequency pulse

fitness exercise
weight loss 
abdominal patch

Use range: fitness exercise, muscle massage, muscle relaxation. Suitable for muscle training of arms, waist and legs.
The product is USB rechargeable, with 6 modes to choose from, and 10 levels of intensity adjustable. easy to use

abdominal workout at home

how to use magnetic abdominal slimming patch

muscle fitness
1.6 modes, 10 plus strength, convenient button operation.
2. 1-2 times a day, train every 25 minutes to exercise muscles and tighten.
3. Convenient to carry, exercise abdominal muscles anytime and anywhere.
4. The gel on the product is consumable and can be purchased separately.
The physical massage principle of electronic acupuncture uses low-frequency pulses to imitate the 6 basic techniques of acupuncture massage and 10 dynamic massage strengths.

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